Hello, World!

Hello, World!

Just start, dammit!

I have no plan at all. The longer I think about this, the longer it will take for me to get started. I want things to be perfect because I am afraid of being judged. I am afraid that I will look like a fool, but I have to be a fool in order to become a master. Can I even use the word master anymore since they are trying to get rid of it from GitHub?

Anyway, I want to create a price book web application. This idea was lingering in my head for a long time. I created a price book desktop application that I didn't use. The issue was that I didn't have a laptop so that I can scan the products in the kitchen. If I wanted to scan the products, I had to take them to my bedroom, where my desktop was and then move them back to the kitchen to pack them away.

I did have a Windows tablet, but the problem with it was that the tablet didn't give the handheld scanner enough power. What I needed was a wireless bar code scanner, which I managed to get earlier this year. An app on my smartphone could do the trick as well, but I found that the scanning was too slow.

Now I think I have everything I need to get started with this project. All I need to do is start. I am not sure how I will go about this. I only hope that I keep at it and see it through to the end. I have to stay consistent.